Laser hair removal is a permanent solution to your unwanted body hair. We can treat all parts of the body for both men and women. Prices are per session unless a course or offer has been purchased, please see below.

*Please note a consultation is required for all clients where treatment objectives can be discussed, and a patch test performed.

WOMENS (Prices per session)

Upper Lip: £60

Sideburns: £70

Eyebrows: £65

Lower Legs: £150

Upper Legs: £170

Full Legs: £250

Lower Arms: £100

Upper Arms: £100

Full Arms: £150

Breast: £80

Underarm: £80

Brazilian: £145

Bikini Line: £110

Extended Bikini: £130

Tummy Line: £65

Face: £140

Chin: £70

Neck: £80

Hands or Feet: £60

Hollywood: £200

Mens (Prices per session)

Chest: £130

Back: £250

Abdomen: £100

Cheeks: £75

Full Arms: £150

Full Legs: £260

Hands or Feet: £65

Shoulders: £80

Neck: £80

Full Beard: £140

Lower Arms: £100

Upper Arms: £100

Lower Legs: £150

Upper Legs: £175

Ears: £55

Glabella: £55

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